The Addams Family™ Shipping Update Wave 1

Exciting News for The Addams Family Legends 4K Pinball Machine (SE) Preorder Customers! 

Shipping Update for Wave 1: Exciting news – your eagerly anticipated The Addams Family™ pinball machine is on its way! You can expect your order to arrive between January 27th and January 31st, depending on your location, via FedEx delivery. Please keep an eye out for your shipping information, which will become active and regularly updated after FedEx picks up the shipment. You'll start to see tracking scans from January 25th onwards. A small number of preorders might experience delivery in the first few days of February. Rest assured, we are actively working with FedEx to minimize this delay. For those affected, we will be sending a separate email offering the option to cancel your preorder and receive a full refund.

Invoicing Details: We’ll send out invoices on 1/19 (Friday). Remember, you’ll have 72 hours to complete your payment. Please note, that if the payment isn’t made in time, we’ll have to pass your reserved machine to the next eager gamer in line for Wave 2. 

Unboxing & Setup: Get ready for a sneak peek! We’re releasing an unboxing video by 1/20, giving you all the exciting details about what you’ll receive.  

SSF Kit Preorders: For those who preordered the SSF Kit without pre-installation, expect your SSF Kit order by 1/27 – 1/31 and we’ll invoice you on 1/19 (Friday). Plus, an instructional video is coming by 1/20 to guide you through the setup process. You’ll have 72 hours to complete your payment - if the payment isn’t made in time, we’ll have to pass your reserved SSF Kit to the next owner in line.

More Good News: 

  1. Payment Plans: A third-party payment plan is coming your way! More details will be in your fulfillment email.  
  2. SSF Kit Preinstallation in Wave 1: If you’ve got the SSF Kit preinstalled, expect your delivery around the 2/26 week or earlier with invoicing on 2/16 (Friday). A dedicated email will be sent for this.
  3. The Addams Family™ Legends 4K Pinball Machine Wave 2 & 3 Deliveries: Ahead of schedule! You’re likely to see your delivery by 2/20 with invoicing on 2/12 (Monday). A dedicated email will be sent for this. 
  4. Updates on Other SKUs: Stay tuned, as we’ll be sending out more information on other SKUs’ preorders soon!  

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