AtGames LegendsCare™ Extended Warranty Plan

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This extended warranty plan will convert the standard 90-day warranty to a longer protection time on ALL your Legends 4K hardware products purchased from AtGames Legends 4K E-Store or authorized US retailers. Learn more

Note: The warranty term starts from the date of the LegendsCare™ Extended Warranty Plan purchased*, and does not retroactively cover the products previously purchased. The AtGames LegendsCare™ Extended Warranty Plan is for AtGames Legends hardware products only, not applicable to digital items such as pinball packs, game packs, or PinballNet™ services.

*If you purchase the 1-year LegendsCare Warranty Plan during the Legends 4KP preorder, the coverage of the protection period will start from the Legends 4KP product release/delivery day.

Plan: Extend to 1 year - $49.99