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This Legends 4K™ Pinball Pack is compatible with Legends 4K™ CE-4K only. Note: the included table is already built-in on the Legends Pinball 4KP - The Addams Family™ (Standard Edition). The pack can be used for other Legends 4K™ Devices in future releases.

  • Estimated Delivery: February 23, 2024

Table Features:

They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky! Join Williams Pinball The Addams Family™ in the classic, bestselling pinball adventure of all time.

  • Shoot the Electric Chair to explore the Mansion and find the Mamushka, Hit Cousin It and Tunnel Hunt
  • Shoot Bear Kicks for Extra Ball, Mansion Rooms and reach 99 for the Super Bear Kick
  • Collect GREED for Multiball and see how Thing scoops up your ball
  • Let Thing do your work for you and shoot a perfect shot with Thing Flip
  • Start 12 Mansion Modes and hit the chair to Tour the Mansion!

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